Photocopiers - Buy, Lease or Rent?

Office photocopiers are an expensive piece of business equipment, and companies looking to procure one may be reluctant to spend thousands of pounds in one go (unless they're cash-rich or simply don't entertain the idea of paying interest on leases). There are many different payment options with their positives, negatives and occasional pitfalls.

Photocopier Leasing Broadly speaking there are two main types of lease. But within these categories, every lease contract is different. When you're leasing a photocopier it's absolutely crucial that you check the terms and conditions of the contract, because while the right lease can be a useful option, some leasing companies terms and conditions are less than transparent in the small print.

Photocopier Lease rental This involves paying for your photocopier over a period of time specified in the contract (usually a 2-5 years). Almost all of these stipulate a minimum term for the lease, so if you want to back out early and upgrade the photocopier you will have to pay the remaining instalments up front. The important thing about this type of payment is that the leasing company retains ownership of the photocopier even after the lease expires and title of the equipment is generally offered to the original supplier for a set fee. Be aware of this when you're signing the contract - some people end up paying thousands of pounds over renting impresoras valencia a period of years under the misapprehension that they will own the photocopier at the end. This is not always the case. The positive aspects of this sort of agreement are you don't have to pay any large one-off payment, and that it usually entails a maintenance service and the option of upgrading to a newer model free of charge.

Photocopier Lease purchase A lease purchase agreement follows the same idea as lease rental - lower monthly or quarterly payments over a fixed period of time - but when the lease comes to an end you are given ownership of the photocopier. As with lease rental, you must pay a settlement figure up front if you wish to end the lease and get ownership before the minimum term is up. With all leases you should thoroughly check the terms of the contract, including the interest rates on the total amount payable. Also be careful regarding what happens at the end of the agreement - sometimes your lease will run on beyond the minimum term unless you expressly say you wish the contract to end. Maintenance agreements and consumables (paper and toner) are sometimes, but not always, included in the terms of the lease.

Photocopier Rental Renting an office photocopier is the best option for those who know that they only need the equipment for a shorter period of time. You will not get ownership of the machine unless you agree a final fee with your supplier, but unlike lease rental the minimum term can be anything from one week to twelve months so there is much greater flexibility in length of use. Photocopier rental is usually provided through second hand / used photocopiers with maintenance/online service support for the duration of the agreement.

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